Amazon Buy Box x Amazon Supplier Table

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When looking at items on Amazon you can use one of two modes : Amazon Buy Box or Amazon Supplier Table.

We gonna explain these two modes here :

Amazon Buy Box

The Buy Box is the most common view, It’s showed just as you got into any product site. See the picture bellow

Amazon Buy Box

Amazon Supplier Table

The Supplier table is showed when you click in the XX new inside the Buy Box .

It will show a list of similar ASINs from other supplies that sell the same product.When looking at Supplier table pay attention to the details of each supplier like : feedback counts , country of the supplier ( for example some people prefer to work only with local suppliers ) ,prime availability and so on

amazon Supplier Table


See the picture bellow to understand how Supplier details are showed in the Amazon Supplier Table .

Amazon Supplier Table

On the autolister you can choose either mode you want to use to list your item on eBay.

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