What is Break Even ( BE ) and How the profit is calculated ?

What is Break Even and How the profit is calculated :

Breakdown of the 18.5% Breakeven:
10% – eBay
4% – Paypal
3% – Amazon Taxes (on average, 35% of times pays 8% tax)
1.5% – Currency exchanges fees (usd to eur, etc.)

This is strictly just a recommendation, use your own figures to calculate your breakeven. For example, an eBay store is 9%, if you are in the US you don’t have currency exchanges, etc.

The 18.5% are subtracted from the eBay price, because that is the price of the sale. The formula used is:
profit = ebay_price *(100-breakeven)/100 – amazon_price
ebay_price = (profit +amazon_price)*(100/(100-breakeven))

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