1. evaldaz

    I totally agree – we must create new habits in order to perform in higher levels. It takes time and costs some energy but it’s worth to do your best because at the end of our days we will be happy and proud about our past.

  2. I actually saw this best recently on Empire Avenue where someone got a fast strong launch because of an event she happened into that I didn’t.  Her rankings shot way up fast while I’ve been building slow and steady.  I’m about to pass her though because I kept going and never gave up.  Keep going… never give up.

  3. Hello Hezi, Wonderful post! I believe that the difference between the $50,000.00 and  $500,000 a year person is just a little bit more. They wake up a little bit earlier, they make an extra call. The truth is that it’s just a little bit more of what needs to be done and over time you’ll be so far ahead they can’t see your dust anymore! Consistently>>> Go! Go! Go!

  4. What an awesome post Hezi.  I made that kind of change in my life about 9 months ago.  I started swimming 4-5 times a week.  I started out with just 16 laps and now I do 60 (that’s a mile in the pool I go to).  I didn’t give up my goal and I made it in 6 weeks!  During my swim time I think about the goals I have for the day in my business and then take action on them because I am already in that mind set when I complete my “me” time.  This is a very important commitment to your success.  Keep the great posts coming!

    1. Hezi

      Tks , Patty .
      And congrats on your commitment !!

  5. Hi, Hezi

    You find a real smart way to explain what internet marketing is about !!

    It’s not about working fast & hard , but getting a plan and being consistent !!

    Like the tortoise :<))

  6. Ben Akachukwu

    Hfz, you’re wonderful!

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