1. Wow Man! That’s one heck of a Thankful List! Way to go, but you’re not overweight. Dude, With all the stupid things I’ve done in my life, I’m thankful to be alive and breathing. Praise God for a new day! We never know when the next one WON’T COME! That Bible idea sounds like a good one 😉 Blessings #TribeCSI

    1. Thanks Curt! Now you know why I am not active in the tribe: Took me ages to compile this list! .. lol
      So you are thankful for god, breathing and for a new day. 3 down, 97 more to go!

  2. Hey Hezi,
    what a long but great list it is not common that someone
    share this sentence:I am thankful to the master of all – GOD
    You share a great list and thanks for not
    forgetting the most important one.

    Be blessed


    1. Hi Sandy
      Thank you for your comment. It is important that we thank god for what he has given us, because everyday is a present. I hope that you have made your thankful list. I am sure that it will take you closer to your success!

  3. price

    wow it is a good and a long Thankful List,
    it is very good to think positive and after you find a 100 list to be thankful for you start to think positive.
    When you think positive you really give yourself to succeed at whatever you choose to do
    Even if this business a family life or even entertainment.
    Not everyone can really produce a list like you did, except the people who really think positive and good for others.
    Thx hezi you give us all inspiration and shows us to think positive and be thankful for who we are and where we are standing in the present.

  4. I’m thankful for my teachers who taught me how to think, how to express and lots of useful information on many topics.

    I’m thankful for whoever created the concept of blogging 🙂

    1. I thank you for your feedback, Elana. And yes, if blogging had not been created, we should have created them ourselves, which is not so easy.. 🙂 Thank you wordpress

  5. Very true Hezi, thank you for sharing this post with your readers 🙂


  6. I am thankful for the connections that led me to find you, and your blog.

    1. lol.. Thank you Lesa. That too nice of you 🙂 I am glad that we have found each other

  7. Thanks Hezi for sharing a nice information.

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