Drop Ship from multiple ebay accounts

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How to do Drop Ship from multiple ebay accounts with DSHOPIT

Video 1 – Set Your Account for MultiUser

Video 2 -Adding other users to your account.

If you need more users, you can open new users using the 1$ TRIAL link , and after you create and add the new user, please cancel the recurring payments for that user ( the slave  / subaccount  user)  by going to http://dshopit.com/members/en/cancelmembership
Please note that there is no refund for the 1$ trial fee.

Video 3 – Allocate your listings between the your accounts accounts / Set Duppliocate Settings and chaninging betwen accounts

Note that this step is critical. If your accounts on eBay are linked, configured it so DSHOPIT will check for duplicate item police.

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