DropShipping Profit Automation

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We are excited to announce this new feature that will allow you to change your profit each time that a sale is made , so you can maximize your earnings. We called it  Profit automation .

See the follow video to see how it works:

For a example

Lets suppose that your source price is initialy 100$ and that your initial profit is 1$.

You than configure your Profit Automation as in the picture bellow:

dropshipping profit automation

At your 1st sale we will increase your profit on BOTH , the 2% percentage and the 0.2$ profit
So your profit after the 1st sale will be 1$ ( initial profit ) + 2$ ( 2% of 100$ ) + 0.2 = 3.2$

At your 2nd sale we will increase your profit by the BIGGER betwen 2% ( =2$ ) and 0.2 , so in this case 2$, so your new profit will be
3.2$ + 2$ = 5.2$

Off course, this is just a suggestion and you can configure it however you want .

A possible strategy can be:
Start with a low initial price and than increase it as you make your 1st sale, than your 2nd sale , than your 5th sale and so on .

Combine  the %(percentage) and the $ (absolute ) value profit increase to cover items with different prices.

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