1. Hello Hezi,

    I’m not a MLM person, and intend to keep it that way, but what you say about doing what it takes to share your passion is so true for anyone, whether involved with MLM or not. Good luck in your endeavors, and congratulations on your previous success.

    Lou Barba

    1. Not in MLM?!?! What? Why?! I hope that it will pass one day.. It is ok, we accept your kind in this blog as well 🙂 I totally agree, having a desire and sharing it is really true for anyone, MLM or not, and it is a vital ingredient, at least in my opinion, for any success.

  2. Hezi, it’s nice (and brave) of you to share your dream for all to see. So I say you’ve gone beyond writing it down; you’ve shared it with the world. What you speak of is what some would call “passion.” You’re asking people to write it down and put it into words. This articulation, in addition to clarifying what we really want, helps us get out of the vague-whatever-terrritory that most of us inhabit. As they say, more power to you. And thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Hezi,

    Great post, man.

    It’s so important to have a burning desire to succeed and it is something that

    should be ongoing because just like you said once dreaming stops the passion to

    pursue things ceases and then life becomes boring.

    I love the idea of your foundation. I also desire to have a very big orphange in my


    Cheers man.

    1. I wish that your desire to build your orphanage will come to life. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Hi Hezi,
    Nothing like a burning desire! To make the world a better place, for sure, particularly in the church where many are suffering. Our blog and business is dedicated to helping to educate people and pull them out of the snares of ignorance and see a brighter future spiritually and financially. Our motto is Building A Better You.

    No small task…But, worth it!

    One step at a time leading people to a place where MLM, for example, is an option they come to understand and can choose to help them become better.

    God Bless,

  5. Thanks for your comment Joe. I do share your hope for a brighter future spiritually and financially to people. It is a noble task to educate people and help them become better. And as you said it is not easy, therefore you really need a strong desire to succeed.

  6. Hi Hezi,

    Thanks for this awesome post. I can say i have the burning desire to win because i really want to get what i wanted.

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