dropshipping profit automation

Reading time: 1 minute We are excited to announce this new feature that will allow you to change your profit each time that a sale is made , so you can maximize your earnings. We called it  Profit automation . See the follow video to see how it works: For a example Lets suppose that […]

Reading time: less than 1 minute How to do Drop Ship from multiple ebay accounts with DSHOPIT Video 1 – Set Your Account for MultiUser Video 2 -Adding other users to your account. If you need more users, you can open new users using the 1$ TRIAL link , and after you create and add the […]

Reading time: 1 minute Avoid eBay VeRO complains is super important , specialy in the beginning . If you have a new account , your account can be definitively suspended because of a VeRO complain. So in order to help you to avoid eBay VeRO , we  have created a FREE bookmarklet for you to use […]