DShopit Certified Professional

DShopit Certfied Professional - DCPWant to make some extra incoming by helping other users of DShopit ?

So the DShopit Certified Professional ( DCP )  Program can be great for you.

How it Works ?
As a DCP, we will send you clients that want to get support by phone / Skype
The customer will contact you, make the payment and than you will give him phone / skype support.

How much can you charge for support ?
That’s up to you , but we recommend the price to be no more than :
20$ for 15 minutes of support ( Phone/Skype )
50$ for 60 minutes of support ( Phone/Skype )

How you become a DCP?
Simple , just fill the form bellow and we will be contacting you.
There is no charge or qualification fee to become a DCP.

If you want to be a DCP, please click here to fill the application form

We are sorry but in order to provide the best service to our customers, we will be contacting only people with the relevant experience / knowledge.