Great Tip to Save Money when buying online

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ParibusHave you ever bought something online just to find that a very short time the price goes down ??

If so , we have a great tips that can save you tons of money from your purchases on sites like Amazon , Walmart and so on …..

It’s called Paribus and is  a super cool & free service that will give you money back when the price of something you bought goes down

That is how Paribus work :
1- You buy something on a online store , Amazon for example and pay 90$ what you think that’s a great deal
2-One day after it the price drop to 70$ ( i.e.  20$ less than what you payed )
3- Paribus detect the price changes and automaticaly send a email to customer service
And now the best  part :
4- You receive a email from Amazon saying that you just got a refund of 20$  ( cool aaa !! )

Just go and register for free to Paribus


You can see how it works on their funny video

It’s free so why not give tham a chance ==> register for free to Paribus




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