1. Love your post! I agree that your WHY is SO important. Tony Robbins is a huge believer in this too. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Alexander 🙂
      Thanks for your comment. I am a great fan of Robbins. If you ask random people on the street WHY are there here, I believe that 95% will not give your a full answer. From your blog I see that you are not one of them. 
      Good luck, and keep on the great work too!

  2. tayebeh

    frankly speaking
    we in this world are actors and we can’t change anything or gain anything that we imagine ,if you think that we can no no no !I disagree! & if you have reached sth & you have thought that you had imagined that before and then you gained that you make a BIG mistake because that thing will reach to you if you imagine them or not! there wasn’t any relationship between your thoughts and that thing.
    believe me by GOD “I AM EVEN TIRED OF THINKING ” it is useless

    1. Hezi H

      Hi, Tayebeh
      Thanks for your opinion

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